Difficulty: 1.

The male Snow White Cichlid is polygamous, so use several females.

A 36″ aquarium is a good size and should be furnished as suggested above, along with some flat stones and no responses to pseudotropheus socolofi (powder blue cichlid). May 18, 2009 · If it's at least 3ft long, it might work out, however, you won't be able to keep any other species than the P.

Snow white Cichlid Pseudotropheus Socolofi Albino.


75 - 2. . 95 IN STOCK.


Pseudotropheus socolofi 'Albino'. 87. 6 - 8.

5 – 8. Comments: Albino Socolofi also known as Snow White Socolofi are a great color (or lack of) addition to any mbuna aquarium.

They were all about the same size when we purchased them.

Dec 27, 2018 · Buy Live Snow White Pseudotropheus socolofI "Albino".

Right now you could try to re-arrange your tank, this often works with larger tanks because all of the set terratories get broken and the peaking order gets re-set, HOWEVER im not. .

com/socolofi-cichlid/#SnippetTab" h="ID=SERP,5648. Also known as African Cichlid, Albino Cichlid, Blue Pindan Cichlid, Lake Malawi Cichlid, Malawi African Cichlid, Malawi Cichlid, Mbuna, Powder Blue Cichlid, Snow Cichlid, Snow White Cichlid, Snow White Socolofi Mbuna.

The yellow cichlid have double in size while our 2 snow white cichlid remains the same size.

Just a couple weeks ago I added two 2in juveniles in with my adult/young adult peacocks.

Mar 19, 2013 · Snow White albino Haplochromis obliqudens (sp.

Largest variety of Angelfish, Discus, Rams & Cichlids | Livestock | Snow White Cichlid (Pseudotropheus Socolofi) is a Low care level,Aggressive temperament fish. . .

8 - 8. 6. . From what I understand, it is possible for about any mouthbrooders to crossbreed, like James said, and it also helps to have the proper male to female sex ratio (1male per 3-4 females of a species but to really help with this problem, posting what species all 11 fish are and the sex of. The pH should be around 8. .

we exchanged fish actually.

How big do Snow White cichlids get? These fish can grow up to 6 inches. Found over shallow, sandy areas, close to the protection of rocks, rich with algae growth.


How big do Snow White cichlids get? These fish can grow up to 6 inches.