see pictures of the trigger spots.

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). Cows consume hay, grass, or Total Mixed Ration (TMR).


An old school tie stall dairy barn for FS22.

I believe without it the large cow placeable holds 80,000l of slurry but with even the smallest extension 80,000 is now barely 25% full. Nov 16, 2016 · Best option for cleaning out the cows or the sheep feeding area is the loading wagons. Neither will not take the bale.


Just put the bale inside the shredder and go into the drop point and it will automaticaly shred it for you. Jan 22, 2022 · Straw and hay bales are now accepted in the cowshed, in the feed area. A pack of 3 silos for fermenting cattle feed.

There are two free stalls located within this mod. Get Farming Simulator 22 Here: https://www.


You definitely get plenty of bang for your buck though, as you.

. Additionally, the Cowbarn accepts Bales inside and in the Version with the Feeding Robot, at the Robot station.

. How to buy a Cow Barn.

Jul 19, 2022 · For the supplied TMR mixer I find three silage bales, two hay and one straw give the correct mixture.

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I'm about 7 months into my game, cows are all doing well, 100% healthy and producing milk but no slurry. . There are two free stalls located within this mod.

Keep a tractor hooked up, jump to it, turn on the wagon, pull forward and back in 10 seconds all clean, and when they need more grass just pull forward and twist the back end a bit and dump it. Ball triggers for straw and the feeding robot were installed. which would be a hassle to use for how i set my cow barn up. – Price: 125000€. Does require external (extended) storages for each of these. When you cut grass in Farming Simulator 22, you will get a straw or hay.

Calmens farm FS22 where do I put the cows straw.

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Apr 20, 2023 · This mod includes two cow barns.



With the basic pasture, you'll need to bring water regularly.

Players must chop Bales of hay stored in your barn before they can feed them to your cows.