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Greta Thunberg Quiz. Look for Clues to “Get the Gist”.

Our online reading tests consist of a short English reading passage with multiple-choice questions and answers.

To answer detail questions, use the passage map to find the appropriate paragraph to find the relevant details, then go back and research each answer choice to avoid distortions and other common wrong answer traps.

. . Disappearing Honeybee Quiz.


. Learn English with these free learning English videos and materials from BBC Learning English. .

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You will improve your reading fluency and comprehension and develop. The most recent reading worksheet is given below, and the older ones are at the end of this page.

This free test evaluates how well you understand what you read in English. Reading to Learn English Vocabulary.

It is strictly called a Written Comprehension Test because it shows how well you comprehend what somebody writes.
Reading will help you to improve your understanding of the language and build your vocabulary.
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English reading materials for EFL and ESL students.

Choose 30-, 60- or 90-minute classes.

Fits K-12, ESL and adult students. . See our lists of topics and articles for reading.

Select the option that best describes you. Set aside a few minutes each day to stand in front of the mirror and practice speaking. Activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Quiz. Free videos and downloadable worksheets to help adult learners improve their reading, writing, spelling and grammar. .


If you want to practice pronunciation, study grammar, or learn vocabulary, you’ll want to read more slowly and focus more on individual words and sentences. .




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